The Lab: Magic Mirror

Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-5pm

This summer in The Lab, we will be creating a Magic Mirror virtual assistant that will help with future Lab programs. Participants will help build the components of a Magic Mirror (2-way glass, digital display, Raspberry Pi “brain”, etc.) and then code useful modules into the mirror. When it’s all done, participants will be able to come back and interact with The Lab’s first virtual assistant any time they want! They will also get to take with them the knowledge of how to build their own Magic Mirror or other Raspberry Pi project. This program is for anyone ages 12+, but space is limited, and sign up is strongly encouraged. If you sign up and are not present 15 minutes after we begin, your spot will be forfeited for the day. It is best for participants ages 16 and under to have a library card with parental permission for the computers, but accommodations can be made if needed. Call (970) 842-4596 to register.

When you schedule a time in The Lab, you may recreate any of the past programs we have offered. Create your own design and make buttons, bring your own vinyl to make stickers, your own yarn to crochet, and use our tools to help you get creative! Also remember that the video game creation software, Unity, is available to use whenever you’d like as well! We’re looking forward to seeing what you’ll create during our guided activities and hope you’ll schedule a time to experiment with the other tools we have to offer! If you have any questions, call (970) 842-4596.