Mission And Values

Our Vision

Providing patrons with inspiration, education, and recreation.

Our Mission

EMCLD will provide opportunities and resources to enhance the quality of life in the community.

Our Values

EMCLD Values

View our values in .pdf. 

The most important attribute is for EMCLD to provide high quality service. 

The success of EMCLD depends on this service because it is the purpose and the financial well-being depends upon it.

Patrons are precisely the people who decide level of support. The patron is at the center of the district’s goals.

Therefore, EMCLD believes

In the dignity of individual inquiry – which means safety, freedom from censorship, and the right to privacy of library transactions. That the patron deserves the best efforts, respect, courtesy, intelligence, competence and responsiveness EMCLD can offer.


With this in mind, EMCLD

Hires smart, capable people with good judgment who can provide quality service.

Provides clear job expectations and conveys that public service is more important than staff convenience.

EMCLD empowers the staff with three imperatives

Offer quality service

Commit to the team; treat each other with respect, consideration and support. An intrigue-free environment means communication is not only a right, but a responsibility.

Grow. Look around, try new things, explore the library environment

Provides opportunities for continuing education.

Provides a policy framework for service geared toward the usual case, not the exceptional problem.

Expects, and will support, staff decisions that deviate from policy when that is in the best interests of the patron. The staff is expected to use their good judgment.

Evaluates staff performance annually, and excellent performance will be acknowledged as well as rewarded within budgetary limits.

Excellent Service also depends upon:

The library’s collections – to reflect the offerings of the mainstream culture with a balanced collection, and the intent to provide something for everyone.

The library building – to maintain a clean, functional building.

EMCLD strives to focus service toward:

Excellent circulation and inventory control

A love of reading through play, imagination, multiple literacy skills, and reader’s advisory

Reference – to provide accurate informational and recreational answers

Outreach – to support the resources of cultural diversity, educational opportunities, strong workforce, and recreational services of the area.

Administration – planning and budgeting responsibly for the future

EMCLD considers its role as important. It gathers, organizes, and makes accessible the “intellectual capital” of the culture, including the materials, programs and speakers offered.