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Common Cents for Colorado

In the library’s spirit of building programs and resources around community interests and needs, we have recently applied for Common Cents for Colorado, a project designed to provide information about personal money management. We were pleased to be selected and now have many new resources to share with the community. We have a few seminars that will be offered this year and next where you might learn something useful. If you think you know everything there is to know about your personal finances, take our self-test and see if you could benefit from one of our seminars.

Inquire at the front desk if you would like to take the self-test or if you have any questions about financial literacy. Seminars are every Monday in August at 6 pm. Registration is not necessary, but is appreciated. If you would like to sign up, have a staff member add your name to our registration list or Click Here to sign up online.

We hope to see you here on Monday nights to get some Common Cents!

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