Adults Only

Forestry Day

Lovers of trees, budding arborists, and tree huggers will be happy to know that East Morgan County Library District is partnering with the Colorado State Forest Service to bring our community the next Adults Only program. Forestry Day, open to high school aged students and adults, will be held at the library from 11 am to approximately 4 pm on Saturday, July 30th. This event will begin with a team of speakers–CSFS Community manager Keith Wood, CFSF’s Fort Collins District Forester Boyd Lebeda, and Forester Matt Norville–educating participants on general information about the trees in our community. Topics will include identifying trees, proper time and place to plant, management techniques, how to determine growth and condition, and much more. Participants will be introduced to the CO-Tree View app, the Colorado Statewide Tree Inventory tool on which much of this data is recorded, and about how one may find more information at Following a short break for lunch (provided by East Morgan County Library) participants will collect data on the trees surrounding the library for CO-Tree View, measuring and tagging trees using materials provided by CSFS, putting your new knowledge to work! To register, please contact the library by phone (970)-842-4596 or in person for what promises to be an informative and interactive program.

You can also register online: Click here to sign up!


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