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National Library Week

April 10th-17th is National Library week. To celebrate, we have several deals to take advantage of. First, we have free card replacement. If you have lost your library card, come in to get your free replacement. Everyone’s first card is free, but normally we charge $2 to replace lost cards. Another great program to take advantage of is fine forgiveness. We understand that life happens outside our library and books don’t always make it back on time. Fines can accrue on accounts and lots of people stop coming in after that. Don’t fall into that trap! As long as we have the item back, your fines will be forgiven. However, if you have lost books on your account, they will need to be brought back or paid for. (Tip: it would be great if you could find your lost book and bring it back so you don’t owe anything!)

“Fine” forgiveness is not “charge” forgiveness. If there are charges other than overdue fines on your account, we’ll have to work out a payment plan. Just remember: we truly value our patrons and we will work out whatever we need to ensure you can still use our facilities. Never be afraid to talk to us. We’re here to help you out!

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