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Adult Reading Challenge


After the success of our 2015 Adult Reading Challenge, we are excited to start the 2016 challenge. This year’s theme is: Where are You Reading? We are challenging our patrons to read 50 books this year. 25 of them must have something to do with U.S. States and 25 must have something to do with other countries. Things that will count are books that were written in that state/country, books that are about the state/country, or maybe the author was from that state/country. You may only use each state/country once. To help you track where in the world you’ve “visited” in your book, we will provide you a passport. This booklet has spaces to fill out which books you’ve read and where they fit into the challenge. There is also a space in the back that allows you to keep track of which states/countries you’ve already used so you don’t use them twice. As always, we are more than happy to help you search for a book that fits your wants/needs. Stop by today to pick up a passport!

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